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This process has taken more than 16 years and continues today.

There are many reviews of these types of methods of evaluating FRP, including most recently Swerea Kimab.

A Specific NDT Procedure is generally used as part of the aircraft structural integrity program and details the method of testing, equipment settings, minimum size and type of defect and test area including: type, location and orientation of defects to be detected.


However, the number of method validation observations continued to rise, and industry representatives tasked with defending TMV programs limited to Gauge R&R studies to agency inspectors, continued to struggle.

The difficulty in providing a convincing defense for the use of the Gauge R&R is not due to a lack of experience in the field, this is not a new or innovative tool.

The flowchart allows NDT to be locally applied where the test meets published General NDT Procedure limitations. AMOs and SPOs are permitted to apply the use of certified General NDT Procedures within their defined limitations.

However, authority to perform a test outside the limitations of a General Procedure must be authorised by an appropriate Systems Program Office (SPO). If an NDT method has been nominated in authorised maintenance data (AMD), approved by the Design Acceptance Representative (DAR), then a General NDT Procedure is considered appropriate to perform the test. The intent is to allow engineers and maintainers the flexibility to carry out NDT using established certified procedures. Where a test is required that does not meet the limitations of an applicable General NDT Procedure an Interim Authority (IA) may be requested from an appropriate SPO.

Different size pouches can be placed into the testing drawer simultaneously and tested in one test cycle. The test chamber is also designed with a unique flexible bladder that eliminates any stress on the pouch seal during the testing cycle.

As examples, AMD may state to perform a LPT, perform a LPT IAW T. An IA is typically based upon a General NDT Procedure with additional test parameters.

The intent of an IA is to ensure that a reliable test is achievable where test requirements may exclude the use of a General NDT Procedure. Specific NDT Procedures are SPO-certified procedures that provide specific information regarding a NDT method and the structure or aeronautical product to be tested.

Destructive testing is performed under the most severe operating conditions and it is continued until the application breaks.

The main purpose of destructive testing is not only to determine the design weaknesses if any which may not show up under normal working conditions but also to determine the service life of the product.

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