Validating computer attitude questionnaire Sexs live chate

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By establishing the characteristics of distance and online learners; how they become motivated, how they feel about learning online; useful information will be found that would empower the teaching practices and thus ultimately enhance student retention and achievement.

A review of some of the literature available has revealed some research already undertaken in various areas of learning online, such as 'training effectiveness and user attitudes' (Torkzadeh et al, 1999).

'Scaling is the science of determining measuring instruments for human judgment' (Mc Iver 1981).

One needs to make use of appropriate scaling methods to aid in improving the accuracy of subjective estimation and voting procedures (Turoff & Hiltz 1997).

An organisation's approach to information security should focus on employee behaviour, as the organisation's success or failure effectively depends on the things that its employees do or fail to do.

The concept of measuring attitude is found in many areas including social psychology and the Social Sciences; they can be complex and difficult to measure and there are a number of different measuring instruments that have been developed to assess attitude.An empirical study is performed to aid in validating the proposed Information Security Culture Framework.Adele da Veiga received her Ph D (IT), focussing on information security culture, at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.Organisations require guidance in establishing an information security-aware or implementing an acceptable information security culture.They need to measure and report on the state of information security culture in the organisation.

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