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As Turkey continues to be a popular destination for UK investor’s and properties still remain at affordable prices, now is a good time to look at the mortgages available.

Turkish mortgages have only been available for a short time and are limited in variety.

Its grant programs seek to support high-impact, low-cost solutions to the world’s toughest problems—in particular, social injustices.

Its latest grant cycle is now open and organizations can request funding of up to US 00.

The “label” is the field name, and will be displayed in the order details. While creating a select, radio, multiselect, or checkbox type, you will be required to enter default/values.

The “description” will be displayed to the user upon hovering over the “? These are the options that will appear for a given field (each value will be an option for the user to select/check).

Separate all values with a vertical pipe Admin Custom Order Fields can be imported and exported from orders, as they’re stored as order metadata.

While many importers and exporters can include order meta (post meta), here are some plugins that have dedicated compatibility added for Admin Custom Order Fields, with no action or custom code needed from the merchant.

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This might not necessarily be a romantic match, either, as each character has two endings, the second of which could be funny, sad, or touching in some way.

To learn how to optionally include this information, check out the section on Field Attributes.

Click “Add Field” and begin creating your order field.

It mostly supports projects in the areas of: Social/economic inequalities Marginalized populations (women, older adults, people with disabilities, LGBTQI, Indigenous/native people, refugees/internally displaced persons, etc.

Funding is given to organizations that are either direct service providers or work in the field of advocacy.

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    Louie and Harrelson have three daughters - Deni, 15, Zoe, 12, and Makani, 2, who they referred to as their "goddess trilogy" after the birth of Makani.