Nordea dating service

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Nordea always seeks to offer the best and the latest cut-off times possible in the market for its cross-border payment products to make our customers benefit from faster and efficient cross-border payments.

As a consequence of a late cut-off for same-day-value payments in some currencies it is important to obtain information about the receiving bank's cut-off times in order to make sure that payments are credited value same day.

norfex is the trading name of Nordic Foreign Exchange AB, a Swedish based foreign exchange provider.

By identifying yourself you can also take care of many banking matters safely.The email was written in poor Swedish but the page was an exact copy of Nordea's web site with an address which was almost identical.Security experts have now tracked the page to a server in Korea.Along with an extensive selection of the products, the norfex clients received a customized FX solutions.norfex helps streamline payment processes and implement strategies to avoid the risk of fluctuating foreign exchange rates.

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