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Though HIV continues to infect heterosexuals daily it almost seems like a non-existent conversation, out of sight and mind.

As an HIV straight male this is troublesome and is one of the main reasons I strive to share my story wherever and whenever I can.

I would like to find love and someone who appreciates me and I appreciate them.

I would prefer to meet a woman in the US but if not it would be worth the effort if it worked out.

The truth is most straight people do not talk about HIV unless they are speaking of Magic Johnson or the AIDS Epidemic in Sub-aharan Africa.

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There was no question in my mind that everyone was at risk.

When I slept with a man, we were using a condom, no exceptions.

That was not a decision that was greeted with enthusiasm, even by men I knew had had dozens of partners.

I didn’t have time to prepare myself for it—not that I think it would have changed my reaction either way. For a while, time just felt like it was going in slow motion.” “I needed compassion, and someone to give me hug.

I needed people to be there for me, to say, ‘Hey man, that totally sucks.

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